SUS offers treatment to all Brazilian citizens, routine or emergency. See the SUS health unit closest to your location by CLICKING HERE.  For locations outside the state of São Paulo, look at the site of the Secretariat of Health of your state.

It is not possible to choose the doctor who provide treatment through SUS.

Even though Dr. Bernardo de Monaco also working with SUS, you cannot choose to be treated by him, the doctors who are working at the referred units will provide treatment.

The care at SUS obeys a regionalization of health services. The way to be treated by SUS is simple and open to all Brazilian citizens, since the system is universal. The initial treatment must be performed in health centers or clinics such as AMAs or AMEs. The medical practitioner or specialist of basic units should identify the most complex diseases and request referral to specialized hospitals, when appropriate. Common diseases and simple treatments will not require referral to super-specialist centers, which can and should be treat in the basic health units themselves (UBS).

Dr. Bernardo de Monaco is currently the assistant doctor responsible for the screening of Pain Clinic of Neurology - HCFMUSP and responsible for the Spasticity Clinic - HCFMUSP. There is no favoring of any patient who seeks Dr. Monaco by private means to be facilitated or encouraged referral to SUS, but the patient you wants to be treated via SUS, seek the UBS of their reference and not Dr. Monaco. 

If necessary, ask your SUS doctor for a specialized assessment (referrals via the Reference System from the Department of Health). There may be a wait for experts, depending on the area requested. The expert evaluation does not rule out the need to maintain medical follow-up at basic health unit. This referral obeys a regionalization, the patient will be referred to a specialist doctor of SUS closest to their region. As noted above, there is no option in SUS to choose which hospital to be referred to or by which doctor you want to be treated.